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Carlos San Millan 

Natural Eye Color Chart



Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control - Tame Impala

"Hey, what are you doing out here? You’re thinking about everything, aren’t you? I know it’s crazy, but just don’t think of it like that. Nothing has to mean anything. Come on, come back inside."

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Émilie Charmy (French, 1878-1974) Pot de fleurs


He made me feel butterflies, but not in my stomach, just a few centimeters below.


Evan Peters makes me wanna take my pants off….

"Love is appreciating everything your partner experiences, has experienced and will experience. I will do anything for you, like dance or put on a silly costume and not care at all what other people think. I never think you’ll ever hurt me. You turn my world around and make me see things in a different light. You inspire me and you give me confidence to take myself seriously and be as creative as I can be. Every idea or thought I have I know you appreciate. You will back me for any project I take on—of course if it’s within the realm of sanity, but occasionally insane ideas are welcome too."

- Ali and Marcel (via classycats)


Ali Michael x Calvin Klein x Snapchat

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Ali Michael